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About Us

Know the ABSAS philosophy!

About Us

ABSAS SOLUTIONS started its journey in 2009 and today it has become one of the biggest platform for freelance subject matter experts to showcase their skills, talent and make an enriching use of their time to earn rewarding pay. Our qualified, experienced subject matter expert create fresh original projects for students in need of extra help. Our experts have helped thousands of students to substantially improve their grades.

What We Do

ABSAS works in the area of freelance academic projects which are completed by our team of freelance subject matter experts. Students give us their projects and our team of experts give the answers to them, written to a guaranteed quality standard. Our strength lies in our volumes, our reach and individual attention provided to each expert to enable him to perform to the best of his abilities.

Is it not cheating?

No. We're not here to help students cheat. Our subject matter experts provide the students with a perfect answer and encourage them to generate their own ideas from that. Reading someone " elses thoughts is learning, not cheating. We expect our clients to use it as a guide and to do your own work. But it's not yours to hand in. You have to think for yourself, do some more study and then write your own work. We're here to help you get a better degree – we don’t want to do it for you

Our Strength - Our Experts

ABSAS takes pride in having a highly qualified team of more than 1500 experts specializing in different subjects and areas. It is our endeavor to provide them the right platform to enable them to make the best use of their time. It is our constant endeavor to be able to hire, retain and nurture talented subject matter experts

Company Team

Abhishek Gupta

- Director & Co-founder -

Abhishek completed his Bachelors in Computer Engineering from Delhi College of Engineering post which he joined the Management Development Institute, Gurgaon to complete his Post Graduation in Management specializing in finance and marketing. He shares a keen interest in behavioral finance and is a keen follower of emerging trends.

Sashitosh Das

- Director & Co-founder -

Sashi is an IIT-IIM alum and completed his Bachelors in Engineering from the prestigious IIT, Delhi in electrical engineering post which he joined IIM, Bangalore to pursue masters in management specializing in strategy and marketing. Sashi is a gaming enthusiast and likes to keep himself updated with the latest in tech. When not engrossed in solving clients’ queries and working on business issues, he prefers to spend his time sketching and listening to the latest chartbusters.